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Services & Pricing

Initial Consult

Explanation of pharmacogenomics, review of medications currently effected by genetics, explore how it fits into your health plan, and answer any questions.

Length: 20 minutes via Zoom

Cost: free

Annual Medication Review

Dr. Sanders recommends a drug interaction report on a yearly basis. This is especially important for those taking both prescription and non-prescription medications and being see by multiple providers in various healthcare systems. 

Length: 30 minutes via Zoom

Cost: $100

Complete PGx Test

Two cheek swab q-tips will be sent directly to your home to collect a saliva sample!

A return label is included and results

return within 10 days.

Length: 5-10 minutes at home

Cost: $250

Concierge Lab Services

Tired of waiting in line for blood draws and laboratory testing - Huna Health can come directly to you! 


Results Review

Dr. Sanders will review your test results prior to meeting with you. She will create a custom medication plan that takes your genetic profile into account. This plan can be easily shared with your care team.

Length: 1 hour telehealth appointment

Cost: $250 

Additional Lab Testing

Huna Health is currently expanding our laboratory services into additional diagnostics testing. Stay tuned for how we can provide the HIGHEST level of care possible for our ohana across all islands.


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