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Work With Huna Health



You don't need a provider or prescription to take ownership of your health!

Our team will equip you with the documentation, confidence and understanding to share your results with trusted members of your healthcare team.



Interested in incorporating pharmacogenomics into your practice setting? Test results and personalized medication recommendations can be seamlessly shared from Huna Health to your EMR. Fill out the provider contact form below and Dr. Sanders will schedule a free consultation with your team. 

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What to Expect

Working with Huna Health is painless and simple.


First, book your free initial consult with Dr. Sanders. She will determine if insurance will cover the cost of your test, review the process, and assist in ordering your kit.


A saliva test kit will then be sent directly to your home or provider's office through priority mail.


A quick cheek swab is returned to our laboratory partner who will process the test and electronically share the results with both you and Huna Health within 14 days.


Our team will then reach out to you directly to schedule a comprehensive review of the results with Dr. Sanders.

Why Huna Health?

Huna Health is a Hawai'i based company that understands the unique medical landscape of the islands and our population. While there are numerous products that can be purchased online and shipped directly to you, they do not offer result explanations, comprehensive medication reviews, or share significant findings with your healthcare team. Huna Health is dedicated to ensuring you understand the results and our team is locally positioned to communicate with Hawai'i providers quickly and efficiently.


Dr. Corrie Sanders, PharmD, BCACP

Dr. Corrie Sanders is residency trained, licensed pharmacist with years of specialized experience in medication safety and a certification in pharmacogenomics. Corrie currently serves as President of the Hawai'i Pharmacists Association and is passionate about ensuring safe access to medical care across the Hawaiian Islands.

Dr. Sanders graduated from Virginia Tech Honors College with a Bachelor of Science (BS) in Nutrition and Exercise Science and minor in Medicine in Society. She obtained her Doctorate of Pharmacy (PharmD) from Virginia Commonwealth University and then completed her residency training with Sentara Healthcare System in Norfolk, Virginia.  In 2022, she earned her pharmacogenomics certificate through the University of Colorado Center for Personalized Medicine.

Corrie embraces innovation and aims to bring precision medicine to Hawai'i where the '"one size fits all" approach to medical care is often ineffective. The unique ethnic demographic in Hawai'i should change how we approach treatment, as minority populations are often not represented in large drug trials and research. The clinical application of pharmacogenomics gives providers another tool in the treatment toolbox to ensure quality care for patients in a state with an overburdened healthcare system.

Corrie is an outdoor enthusiast and enjoys the natural beauty of the Hawaiian islands. She loves hiking ridges, playing golf (mostly driving the cart), and searching for the latest ube food fads. She and her husband have been on Oahu for three years and have quickly made Hawai'i home.

Our commitment to privacy

Huna Health and our partners are committed to protecting patient sensitive information at all costs. We will never sell Protected Health Information to third parties unless written consent is provided by the client. Test results will only be shared with a physician, family member or caretaker after completion of a written disclosure.

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